Designer Canada Goose Outlet Black Label Women’s Altona Parka

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Designer Canada Goose Outlet Black Label Women’s Altona Parka

With a modern, water resistant design Canada Goose sale Outlet  and strategically placed Arctic Tech™ fabric for added durability, the Altona from Canada Goose Black Label is as functional as it is stylish. This warm parka is detailed with signature features like the protective heavy-duty front zipper and ribbed knit cuffs, plus a shearling inner collar that can be removed for versatility.


Canada Goose’s most proven textile designed to stay dry in extreme conditions and climates where time slows down and moisture is vacant.

Tei 3 (Thermal Experience Index)

Fundamental -10 to -20 degrees. Fundamental Warmth Fashioned for Life.

Goose Down Insulation

Goose down is the finest lightweight insulator known. Goose down has larger clusters than duck down, resulting in better insulation. Its unique three dimensional structure creates thousands of tiny air pockets. These air pockets, trapped by the down fibres, provide the superior insulating ability that goose down is known for. Goose down is also extremely breathable compared to other materials. It allows water vapour to pass through, wicking it away through the filaments while retaining the warmth in the air pockets.

Strati-Forma 30D™

A lightweight, water-resistant nylon fabric with a premium semi-matte finish and textured micro twill. 100% Nylon.

Fabric: Arctic Tech™ | Strati-Forma 30D™
Insulation: Goose Down
Oversized leather outer collar
Removable shearling inner collar
Storm flap over centre front zipper secured with snap buttons
Heavy-duty ribbed knit cuffs
Oversized handwarmer pockets | Interior chest pocket
Mid-thigh length | Regular fit
Signature logo patch


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